Gaithersburg, MD

Discovery Meadows is a two-story, 23,500-sq.-ft. child development center designed to accommodate over 150 children. The facility includes below and above-grade levels, with the below-grade first floor featuring an open play area, project room, café, kitchenette and separate warming kitchen, mechanical and electrical rooms, storage rooms, and office space.

The above-grade second level features infant activity rooms, living room, lactation room, learning resource center, office space, laundry facilities, reception area, and a kitchen delivery area with an elevator to the kitchen. Outside, the child development center are six large play areas, including separate toddler play space, a fitness area, natural area, preschool and school age areas to include a basketball court.

The dirt from the jobsite was reused instead of hauled off. While doing site work clearing and grubbing, the team uncovered 23 large boulders which became decorative replacements for the front and back planting areas.