Coming from a family with over 50 years of experience in the construction industry, “I know what it’s like to get my hands dirty in this business!” says Kimberlee Driggs, President of D2, LLC. With a degree from George Mason University, Kimberlee began her career in commercial Real Estate sales and investments, also a male dominated industry. While possessing strong technical and business management skills, her broad knowledge of the construction industry, and even her capability to operate heavy equipment, intrigued her to embark on a new career path. As the sole owner and designated employee, she has earned multiple designations and has successfully passed the Virginia Heavy Highway Exam, Class A Contractors Exam, Construction Management Program Complement, OSHA 30, CIT and LEED designations. Kimberlee set out to start her own construction company with a few, yet key factors in mind:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner]

Safety, Unique Approach, and Rock-Solid Core Values!




Prevention of accidents is both our moral responsibility and a good business practice. Our safety efforts are based on the premise that we are all entitled to a safe workplace. Protection of our employees, our property, the public, and the environment is the # 1 Goal in a successful construction project. We are committed to maintaining a safe environment by ensuring all of our field employees are trained and certified.