Even when you’re not using it, your excavation equipment requires sufficient care to function as long as possible. When winter arrives and harsh weather conditions come with it, construction equipment often gets left unused for long periods of time. It is essential you take certain steps to ensure your equipment is still functioning when you attempt to use it again in the spring. Before the first snow of the year inevitably comes, follow these three steps to keep your equipment in pristine condition all year long.

1. Find a Sheltered Storage Option

If possible, store your excavation equipment indoors during the winter when you are not using it. Extreme weather conditions can easily damage your equipment or take away years of its life. The ideal storage option will shelter your equipment and keep it heated. Make sure the necessary parts are clean and ready to go before storing them.

2. Take Care of Your Battery

If you don’t want to have to replace your battery come spring, separate it and make sure it is kept in a warm, dry environment. Ensure that the electrolyte levels are correct and that the terminals are free of any rust or dirt. Never charge a frozen battery because it might explode.

3. Check the Oil and Coolant

Before storing your equipment, make sure that you are using the correct oil. Ensure the engine oil is a low viscosity hydraulic oil and that it matches the outside temperature. Change the oil both before and after winter. Also, make sure your coolant levels are where they should be. Opt for a 70/30 ratio of coolant to water if your excavation equipment is not being use for long periods of time or is being kept in a very cold climate. If not, the typical 50/50 ratio will do just fine.

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