Whether you rent or buy construction equipment, it’s essential to maintain it to make your investment last. Here are some key factors in taking care of heavy-duty equipment.

Maintain Records

Have a checklist that details what should be done each day, week or month. This keeps everyone on track to what has been done and what needs to be done. Maintain records for when equipment is serviced. This one step can not only preserve the working life of equipment, it also saves money by not duplicating efforts.

Clean Regularly

When you leave equipment dirty, it takes much longer to clean. It is harder to track the condition of dirty equipment. Cleaning your equipment each day makes your work site appear much better. At the end of the day, wipe off heavy dirt and debris. You’ll be able to see any damage or leaks to make quick repairs.

Regular Lubrication

Follow manufacturer guidelines to grease and oil heavy-duty machines to preserve the equipment and extend its lifespan. Maintain documentation to remember what has been done and what hasn’t.

Keep the Tank Full

At the end of the day, fill the fuel tank in the equipment. Having a full tank makes the equipment more efficient. You won’t waste time in the morning when it’s cool and you’re energized making sure you have fuel.

Check Tires and Axles

Although heavy-duty equipment is designed to be durable, you should still inspect the parts regularly. Look at the tread. Check for debris that can get lodged in hidden locations. Make sure that the general condition of the equipment is up to par to avoid problems when you’re trying to keep things efficient.

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